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Herbs For Sale

The following is a list of seeds that Shipards Herb Farm either stock, or are able to get.

Please Note: some seeds and plants (particularly of fruits) may only be available, when in season. This list is not a complete list.

How To Order

If you would like to order or check the availability and price of any plants, or receive a catalogue, please email us at

Seeds of Trees, Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes and Rare Edibles
Common Name
Acerola Cherry
Binko, Kowhai
Brazilian Cherry
Bush Lucerne
Cape Gooseberry
Cedar Bay Cherry
Ceylon Salad Leaves
Chinese Sacred Lotus
Chinese Watercress
Blackberry Jam Bush
Derris Tree
Drumstick Tree
Fan Leafed Pit Pit
Gooseberry, Indian Hill
Governors Plum
Icecream Bean
Indian Fig
Indian Hill Gooseberry
Kang Kong, Ch.Watercress
Panama Berry
Parrot Pea
Passionfruit, Japanese
Pie Melon
Pigeon Pea
Rose Apple
Salad Mallow
Salt Bush
Snuff Box Tree
Strawberry, Golden Alpine
Strawberry, Red Alpine
Tree Lucerne
Vegetable Humming Bird Tree
Botanical Name
Malphigia glabra
Sophora tetraptera
Eugenia brasiliensis
Desmondium gyroides
Ceratonia siliqua
Physalis angulata
Eugenia reinwardtiana
Basella alba
Nelumbo nucifera
Ipomea aquatica
Randia formosa
Derris robusta
Desmanthus virgatus
Moringa oleifera
Setaria palmifolia
Rhodomyrtus tormentosa
Flacourtia ramontchi
Eugenia dombeyi
Gauva species, various
Grewia asiatica
Inga edulis
Opuntia ficus indica
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa
Myrciaria cauliflora
Ipomea aquatica
Leucaena cunninghamia
Muntinga calabura
Crotalaria cunninghamii
Passiflora maliformis
Diospyrus kaki
Citrullus lanatus citroides
Cajanus cajan
Eugenia jambos
Corchorus olitorius
Atriplex spp.
Oncoba spinosa
Fragaria vesca
Fragaria vesca
Cyphomandra betacea
Tamarindus indica
Chamaecytisus palmensis
Sesbania Formosa


For our latest Catalogue,
please click on the following link
Shipards Herb Farm catalogue
We will update the catalogue 2 times a year, usually early January and July.

Due to government legislation, the selling of seeds, herbs and plants from the same location that therapeutic uses are given about plants, would contravene the law.

We do not display or advertise any information of therapeutic uses, of any kind on this web site.

If you would like more information on herbs, click here.


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