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'Self Sufficiency and Survival Foods Course' on September the 30th and October the 1st was a sensation, with 2 days full of information and with 200 attendants, it was a huge success.

Self Sufficincey and Survival Foods Course

It was Isabell's last Full Day Course, so we did everything we could to put on a good show. Throughout the day numberous fresh and dried samples were passed out so people could identify, smell, feel and taste; the edible weeds, herbs and sprouts Isabell was talking about.

The day started with Morning tea, which was a variety of bread and spread toppings, a muffin and 2 herbal teas. All were fresh and home made. The aim was to show how weeds, sprouts and herbs could be used in your daily diet, in yummy, easy to make and economical meals.

The day was filmed and will be made into a dvd, posibly available at the end of this year or early next year, for those who missed out.

The day was enjoyed by all and we thank everyone who traveled a long distance and to everyone who attented and made the day so pleasant.

Self-Sufficiency Course with Isabell Shipard

1 day Course
Fri. 30th September - Full, no more seats
Sat. 1st October 2011 - Full, no more seats
where: Nambour, Qld

click here to download a PDF for full details of course and special Self-Sufficiency book offer.

If you are not local to South East Qld., this course will be videoed and a DVD will be produced. So you can still get the teaching and benefits of Isabell's course with out the expense of long distant travel.

Green June Green June is an annual event that runs throughout the month of June and celebrates World Environment Day. It aims to equip Sunshine Coast residents with the necessary skills and motivation to lead eco-friendly lifestyles. View all Green June events.

Isabell’s speaking engagement at the Yandina Community Garden on Saturday 11th June was Booked out and well attended.

Wonderful Ways of Using Herbs in our Daily Lives

'Wonderful Ways of Using Herbs in our Daily Lives' was the topic and many herbs and plants were covered, over 40 different herbs were there, so people could see them in person and identify. There was also a number of samples to taste and two member from the audience, were able to try 'Isabell's Breakfast Bowl' a nutritious start to the morning which included Muesli (in winter you could also use porridge), kefir, Cinnamon powder, Sweet Tarragon, and a range of chopped up Herbs, Banana and a naturism flower to top it off for decoration (you could also add Honey or Aztec Sweet Herb or Stevia, if you have a sweet tooth.) Full of flavour and health benefits. After the talk there was question time and then time to purchase books etc.

Yandina Community Garden

We would like to Thank the members of the Yandina Community Gardens for the invitation and all their help and support.

Isabell’s next speaking engagement is at the Yandina Community Garden
a Sunshine Coast Permaculture Centre
(corner of North and Farrell Streets, Yandina)

and she will be doing a free lecture for everyone. If you are local and are interested feel free to contact and book in, it will be a great Saturday morning at the gardens, full of learning.

Saturday June 11, 10am start,
(corner of North and Farrell Streets, Yandina)

1½ to 2 hour session

Wonderful Ways of Using Herbs in our Daily Lives

Isabell will share some very practical ways of using herbs every day that will inspire listeners to make herbs a prominent part of their day. Using herbs daily can do so much towards building a strong immune system and for health and well-being generally. Bring note book and pen. People will be able to sample a number of herbs, and at the end of the morning, there will be an opportunity to ask questions. Isabell’s books will be available for sale, also seeds and plants.

BOOKED OUT   Bookings are essential for this free workshop; please register your intention to attend by either by email to or phone Linda Mahony on 5476 4567 before the 9th of June. As seating is restricted at the Blue House, the Workshop will be held in the Masonic Hall opposite the Community Gardens, so that all can be accommodated in comfort. Please book as soon as possible, to ensure a seat.

A Self-Sufficiency Course is still being considered for the Spring 2011 on the Sunshine Coast. Updates will be given in future Herb Farm Email Newsletters. Subscribe below.

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Sunday 1st of May was National Permaculture Day

Yesterday, Shipards Herb Farm attended and had a stall at the Yandina Community gardens. The day overall was a success as everyone had a good time and it was well attended by many members and guests. The Guest speaking SBS’s Greek Garden Guru, Costa, of ’Costa’s Garden Odyssey’ was commend for his talk, on his life and back ground, and why he believes in permaculture and self-sufficiency.

Here are a few photo’s from the day and our display.

We had a small sample of our products on show - books, dvds, teas, seeds and rare, medicinal and culinary herbs.
National Permaculture Day

Winged bean fruit, eaten fresh, when smaller.
Seed Available $8 a packet + pack and post
Winged bean fruit
Psophorcarpus tetragonololbus F. Fabaceae
Description and Sprouting
Hardy perennial, climbing legume, suitable for tropical to warm temperate climates; with trifoliate leaves, white or blue pea flowers and 4-angled pods 12-15cm long, with a frilly edge along the 4 wings; up to 12 round, brown seeds per pod. When pods are picked young at half size, they are eaten raw or cooked and have a flavour, similar to snow peas. Even the flowers, tuberous roots and young shoots, are eaten, either raw or roasted. Seeds would need to be sourced from a vegetable seed company, and grown in the garden, to have a ready supply of seeds for eating and sprouting. Pick the pods for seeds saving, from the bushes, when the pods have gone dry and brown. Sprout winged bean seeds in a jar, sprouter, basket or the weighted method, like as for mung bean (p…). Use hot water when soaking, as the seed coats are very hard. Constituents: oils, saponins, isoflavones, phytosterols, soluble and insoluble fibre, protein in raw beans 25-49% (amino acid score 122, an extremely high quality protein); leaves have 19% protein (amino acid score 76); tubers contain 22% protein (amino acids score 100, making a complete protein)
Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B17, C, folate
Minerals: calcium, choline, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc
Actions: antioxidant, diuretic, nutritive, phytoestogenic, tonic
Culinary Uses
Use sprouts in salads and any cooked savoury dishes. Use the pea flowers as an edible garnish. This is a valuable food plant, with an excellent protein content.

The above information on the Winged Bean is an extract from Isabell Shipard's Book "How can I grow and use SPROUTS as living food?"

One of the high lights of the day was seeing the Buddha’s Hand fruit. Everyone one was curious to see this unusual fruit. It is a citrus, not very palatable, but the zest can be used similar to lemon. It is mainly used as a natural air freshener/ and deodorizer. Cut the fruit in half, put on a plate and put in the kitchen or bathroom etc over night, the next day you will have a room smelling with a wonderful citrus aroma. Picture above, is of fruit grown by a Sunshine Coast Permaculture member.
Winged bean fruit
If you would like to grow this rare tree, try at your local Garden Nursery.



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Isabell Shipard's well renowned sprout book - How can I grow and use Sprouts as living food?

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Isabell Shipard's Herb Course  


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