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Books and DVDs

Two weeks only - ends 7/12/2017 10% off any of Isabell Shipard’s books and dvds. 15% off any combination of 3 or 4 books and dvds. Or 25% off any 5 or more of Isabell Shipard’s books and dvds.
Isabell Shipard's Books and DVDs
Isabell Shipard's Books and DVDs
(discount does not include postage, and only applies to the following books and dvds)
Books How can I use HERBS in my daily life? How can I grow and use Sprouts as living food? How can I be prepared with Self-Sufficiency and Survival Foods? DVDs Self Sufficiency and Survival Foods! Living Food at it’s Best! Wonderful World of Herbs!

Plant Specials

Two weeks only - ends 7/12/2017 For two weeks only we are offering 10% off all plants, seeds and tea orders for our loyal & valuable customers. Mention 'Christmas Newsletter Specials' to receive this offer.  

We also have

BETEL LEAF Piper sermentosum  Plants are available from the farm for $8 each plus postage. SAMBUNG  (Gynura procumbens) Plants are available from the farm for $10 each plus postage CHIA Salvia rhyacophila   We have Chia seed available for $15 per 500grams plus postage.  

Get your herb tea fix today

We sell kilos of our most popular herb tea - Herb Robert every week, We have plenty available if you wish to get in another order before Christmas. Contact us for our herb tea and sprouting seed list. We have many varieties in stock. Herb teas are $10 for every 50 grams, plus postage. Bulk & large quantity orders are at a discounted price.

Herb Robert Tea
Herb Robert Tea

our selection of Teas online

(email us for a full list of Teas) Buy as much tea as you want for a flat rate of $10 postage within Australia. 50g of Tea for $10         click here to order Teas online Please email us for International Orders