Shipards Herb Farm

Shipard’s Herb Farm Nursery has for  a large range of herbal teas, seeds, Books and DVDs and a range of other products available.

Open hours – To Call Us

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 10:00am till 2:00pm 

The Farm premise in Nambour is permanently closed. We are still open for website & phone orders. 

***Forty years ago, Isabell Shipard had a dream and a vision of creating a Herb Farm with a passion for health giving, useful,  sustainable and unique plants that would benefit the health of people, animals and the environment. 
It is now 40 years on and 4 generations later and in that time, we have served the local community, welcomed tourists from around Australia and the World, held Herb courses, Farm walks and talks, Lectures and travelled Australia 
sharing knowledge and inspiring people from all walks of life, that they can make a difference no matter how simple, to improve their health and wellbeing and their environment around them.
We have also published 3 Best Selling Books and 3 Course DVDs  ( that compliment each book ) Showcasing the growing and using of medicinal and culinary Herbs and rare plants that can be grown in Australia, how to become Self-sufficient and grow
your own food  and the inspiring book on Sprouts – the benefits of using Sprouts and how to grow your own.
After 40 years we will be closing our gates.
The last open day will be Saturday the 18 th of December 2021
Please do not fear or be sad, this will be a big change for us, but we are still the same, continuing with Shipard’s Herb Farm. All products will be available online via our website
 We are still  contactable by phone, email, post and social media.
All our quality herbal teas and books and Dvds will be available online via our website or call us to place an order for a personal touch. 
We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our dear customers for your business and support. It has truly been a privilege to talk with like minded people and along the way get to know you,  many of you have become such lovely friends. 
We wish you good health and a peaceful heart.
Warmest regards, David and Angela Stewart***

Phone No       07 5441 1101 

Postal Address

PO Box 66, Nambour,
Queensland, 4560. Australia.