Dr Peter Baratosy the Alternate Doctor


 Peter Baratosy is a medical doctor who practised for many years in the city of Adelaide and in Salisbury, north of Adelaide, South Australia. He is the author of numerous books on Alternative Medicine and lectures regularly for the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).

Dr Baratosy believes that the best approach in the treatment of disease is the use of “natural” medicine: lifestyle, diet, nutrition and natural therapies. That is what he considers real medicine. Some have referred to the natural approach as “complementary” medicine… as if the natural approach complements the sanctioned modern, drug, surgery approach.

Dr Baratosy disagrees.

Modern medicine should be called “complementary medicine” because it is complementary to the natural, preventative approach, and not the other way around.

The natural, preventative approach is the best means of dealing with health problems. In spite of what has just been said; modern medicine cannot be totally dismissed… it does have a place; its main usefulness is possibly only in life and death situations and, possibly, as a last resort.

Dr Baratosy uses many natural techniques in the treatment of disease, such as diet and nutrition, including intravenous Vitamin C and other nutrients, acupuncture, prolotherapy, chelation, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, bio-identical hormones and herbalism.


Books/CD's by Dr Peter Baratosy: