Herbs, Teas, Spices, Fruit Trees, Rare Edibles and Seeds

We specialise in a large range of teas, plants and seed varieties of rare and medicinal herbs; spices ... like vanilla, pepper, allspice, pandan, curry trees; also rare Asian vegetables, high protein plants, exotic fruits, legumes, aromatics, animal fodder plants, herbal products, and gift giving ideas.

Over the last 35 years the Herb Farm, a family run business, has grown and distributed a large variety of herbs, has been featured on numerous TV programs like Gardening Australia and The Great South East; and for over 10 years Isabell Shipard was a guest on ABC radio “Herb of the Week” and other programs, sharing practical uses of herbs. Isabell has assisted botanical gardens and universities in sourcing plants, for use in their research.

Shipard Herb Farm is Open To The Public

We Have a large range of herbs, spices, fruit trees, rare edibles, non-hybrid seeds, books and DVDs and a range of other products available.

Shipards Herb Farm is managed and run by Angela and David Stewart (Isabell's daughter and son-in-law).

OPEN HOURS: MON. TUES. THUR. SAT - 10am-2pm. - 139 Windsor Road, Nambour, Queensland 4560

If wishing to come to the farm at any other time, please ring the Herb Farm on 07 54411101 (during Open Hours to confirm suitable time).

Note: in Queensland we are not on Daylight Saving Time over summer.

Our Founder Isabell Shipard

Isabell Shipard’s passion was herbs, and she loved to inspire and share the joys and wonders of natural herbs.

For over 30 years, Isabell and her husband Derrick, lived on their picturesque farm on the Sunshine Coast, Qld., Australia, and propagated, grew and sold their herbs locally, throughout Australia and internationally.

Isabell was one of Australia's most knowledgable and sought after authorities on herbs.

Their large collection of Herbs, Spices, Fruit Trees, Rare Edibles and Seed Varieties have been sought after by gardeners throughout Australia and internationally. They have supplied herbs for cooking demonstration by 'The Naked Chef' Jamie Oliver, and displays for international expos.

The farm has been featured on numerous TV programs, including Gardening Australia, The Great South East and Totally Wild.

Isabell and Derrick retired from the farm onto a small but also self sufficient house block in Nambour, where they enjoyed their time together and the privacy, peace and quiet of retirement.

Isabell Shipard Featured in the Sunday Life Newspaper