Can You Really Believe What Your Doctor Tells You? by Dr Peter Baratosy


Can You Really Believe What Your Doctor Tells You?

by Dr Peter Baratosy

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“You can’t handle the Truth” Jack Nicholson from the film A Few Good Men.

I am not necessarily against modern medicine per se, but I am against the use of modern medicine for the wrong reasons. There is a place for modern medicine but we must realise that it is not a panacea for everything. The main role of modern medicine is in acute, life threatening conditions where modern medical techniques can keep the person alive until their self healing mechanisms can take over.

I am, however, against the use of modern medicine for the reason that there is nothing else. There is always an Alternative. Prevention of illness with the use of proper diet, nutrition and life-style, the use of natural medicines such as herbs, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, are all viable methods. The problem with natural medicines is that they are often non-patentable and therefore large profits cannot be made by the large corporations.

There is little incentive for research on “Natural Medicines”. Since they are often not patentable, no corporation will spend money on something they cannot exploit. Modern medicine is not controlled by the doctors, they are a puppet of the system as well. The whole system is being run by a small group of multi-national corporations, who make the drugs and the equipment and who wield an extremely huge amount of power. Modern medicine is very artificial. Its existence depends on the manufactured products of the large pharmaceutical companies.

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In writing this book I wanted to show that good health depends on the individual looking after themselves and their children. Ideally every individual is responsible for their own health and parents are responsible for the health of their children. The most important factor is knowledge. Today s population is the best educated in the whole history of mankind and has access to vast amounts of information in books, journals, etc. and even on the Internet. They do not always need to seek advice from the medical profession. With the proliferation of natural therapists such as Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Homoeopaths, etc., many are using these practitioners as their regular health care professional, mainly because these practitioners focus on health and disease prevention, rather than on disease itself.

Many people are taking matters into their own hands and are using doctors only for support in their endeavours to maintain their and their children s health. Doctoring has changed from an autocratic, benevolent dictatorship to a mutual partnership where the patient does have a say in their own treatment. With the High Court of Australia s ruling in Rogers vs. Whittaker, the doctor/patient relationship has become even more of a partnership; the onus is being put on the patient to choose what treatment is wanted, but this choice must be made on the basis of adequate knowledge.

Unfortunately, much of the conventional information is based on dogma and opinion. The dogma and opinion need to be broken down and the truth be found. Many of the orthodox pronouncements are actually opposite to what the truth is.

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