Vaccination: its your informed Choice by Dr Peter Baratosy (OUT OF STOCK)


Vaccination: its your informed Choice

by Dr Peter Baratosy


Vaccination is not compulsory in Australia; other countries are not so lucky.
It is the privilege, nay, the right of any parent to choose whether they vaccinate their children or not. This decision, however, must be made on an informed choice basis.

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Peter Baratosy graduated in orthodox medicine from the University of Adelaide in 1979. After serving 4 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as a medical Officer, he entered General Practice in 1985. He became increasingly disillusioned with modern orthodox medicine and started to seek out alternatives. He studied various modalities, such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He has a PhD in Complementary Medicine and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

During his journey of discovery he became aware of the problems associated with vaccination that were not generally appreciated by the public. He saw that more and more parents were becoming disillusioned and wanted advice and information about vaccines because of their increasing doubt but did not know where to look or did not have the time to do their own research.

This book was written with these parents in mind.

Of course, Dr Baratosy’s view is biased towards not vaccinating but even so, the information in this book is vital for all parents wishing to make an informed choice.

The publications provided by the government are totally insufficient: it is very one sided. Both sides of the equation must be known. Then and only then can a fully informed decision be made.

He believes that any decision to vaccinate, or not to vaccinate, is the prerogative of the parents not of the doctors and that this decision must be based on knowledge.

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“May as well consult a butcher on the value of vegetarianism as a doctor on the worth of vaccination ” George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

This book is for every-one who wants to make a fully informed decision about vaccination and for those who are open minded enough to look for the truth. It is not necessarily for those staunch pro-vaccinators or for those “sceptics” who do not want to look further than their own dogma. They seem to have the attitude of “don’t bother me with facts, I have already decided.”

I have no trouble with real sceptics, for the real sceptics are the ones with open minds and who have a thirst to find the truth without allowing their prejudices to get in the way.

In contrast, “Pseudo-sceptics” have closed minds and only go as far as their dogma allows.

This book is about the side of vaccinations that is generally not available from the Health Department or the Pro-vaccination-ists. This book explores an aspect of vaccination that most do not know exists. After all, what we generally hear is only the good side, such as: How effective and safe vaccines are and how they are responsible for our present good health.

These ideas are not necessarily true.

This book will look at the negative side of vaccination …. so if you are very zealously pro-vaccine …. stop reading now.

Vaccination is a very emotive topic.

There are two main factions, those for and those against and both equally passionate about their points of view.

I also am very passionate about my point of view and I will say right now that even though I am so passionate about not vaccinating, I will not tell anyone to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. That is not my job. That is the job of the parents to make that decision.

My job is to give information.

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